App Ad Notes 8/25/04


Adjunct meeting


Our adjunct person is Hilary Damaser.  The macro and micro draft conferences: macro Sept. 12 and 13.  I missed when Micro is.  Send her copies of all our documents in Word format.  The deadlines are when we get the hard copy in her mailbox: 8:30 AM of the deadline date.  Get her the e-mail copy within a day or two of that.  She’ll do extensions if they are requested at least 24 hours in advance (several days, not weeks).  She prefers interim drafts after we conference.  She doesn’t mind going over sections or paragraphs of a draft.  We’ll do an hour after the micro draft, and an hour (at least) about oral argument.


First: 7:15 PM on Sept. 20.  Then: Nov. 1 at 7:15 PM.


When you write a brief, you’re writing argumentatively and you need to write for a specific audience.  She’s looking for a streamlined argument that covers all the possible arguments and parts of each argument that are possible.  The outline is a very important part.  The Commerce Clause is not the easiest clause to get through!


Look for other instances of similar things.  Does Alaska have anything?  She has heard that they are allowed to possess a minimal amount of marijuana in Alaska for recreational use.  Has that ever been brought up?  It’s interesting when Congress uses the Commerce Clause to do things like this and then apply it in weird situations.


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