App Ad Notes 9/23/04


Write a cover sheet.  Write a question presented on page “i”.  For the table of contents, double intent your point headings.  In that way, you keep them away from the right-hand margins.  Then table of authorities.  Every time you start a new element in the roman numeral pages, you start a new page.  Cases, constitution and statutes.  Then break cases into categories by jurisdiction.  “Passim” means throughout.  Then it’s the arabic numeral pages.  Insiders do an internal caption.  You repeat the top part of the cover page.  You no longer start a new page all the time.  There is a conclusion, which is signed.  When you submit documents in real life, look at the local rules.  The certificate of service should say what you did to achieve service.  You basically say that you promise you gave it to your opponent.  Then, certificate of compliance.


Don’t talk about things that you can’t connect to your main point.  Make your connections explicit.  Make connections in introductory and concluding paragraphs.


Help the reader find the argument and authorities with templates.  Use typeface conventions.


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