Casebook Notes


Casebook: Hamilton & Macey, Cases and Materials on Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies, West, 2003, 8th Edition


Chapter One.                Introduction

Chapter Two.                The Partnership

Chapter Three.             The Limited Partnership: With Special Reference to Federal Income Taxation


A.   Introduction

A.   Federal Income Taxation: Basic Principles

B.    Limited Partnerships with Corporate General Partners

C.   Check the Box

D.   Twenty-First Century Limited Partnerships: Leverage Buyout Companies, Venture Capital Firms and Family Limited Partnerships


Chapter Four.               Limited Liability Companies

Chapter Five.                The Development of Corporation Law in the United States

Chapter Six.                  The Formation of a Closely Held Corporation


A.   Where to Incorporate

B.    How to Incorporate

C.   The Decline of the Doctrine of Ultra Vires

D.   Premature Commencement of Business


Chapter Seven.             Disregard of the Corporate Entity


A.   The Common Law Doctrine of Piercing the Corporate Veil

B.    Should the Piercing Doctrine Be Abolished?

C.   The Piercing Doctrine in Federal/State Relations

D.   “Reverse” Piercing

E.    Successor Liability


Chapter Eight.              Financial Matters and the Corporation


A.   Debt and Equity Capital

B.    Types of Equity Securities

C.   Issuance of Shares: Herein of Subscriptions, Par Value and Watered Stock

D.   Debt Financing

E.    Planning the Capital Structure for the Closely Held Corporation

F.    Public Offerings

G.   Issuance of Shares by a Going Concern: Preemptive Rights, Dilution & Recapitalizations

H.   Distributions by a Closely Held Corporation

I.       Legal Restrictions on Distributions

J.      Non-Model Act Statutes


Chapter Nine.               Management and Control of Corporation


A.   The Traditional Roles of Shareholders and Directors

B.    Shareholder Voting and Agreements

C.   Deadlocks

D.   Modern Remedies for Oppression, Dissension or Deadlock

E.    Action by Directors and Officers

F.    Transactions in Controlling Shares


Chapter Ten.                 Control and Management in the Publicly Held Corporation

Chapter Eleven.            Duty of Care and the Business Judgment Rule

Chapter Twelve.           Duty of Loyalty and Conflict of Interest

Chapter Thirteen.         Transactions in Shares

Chapter Fourteen.        Indemnification and Insurance

Chapter Fifteen.            Takeovers

Chapter Sixteen.           Corporate Books and Records


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