Dawson, pp. 363-390: Control Over Contract Formation


Case: Cobaugh v. Klick-Lewis, Inc.


          Note: Unknown Offers of Rewards


          Comment: “Master of the Offer”



Case: Allied Steel & Conveyors, Inc. v. Ford Motor Co.


          Case: Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co. v. Smith (excerpt)



Case: Davis v. Jacoby


          Case: Jordan v. Dobbins (excerpt)



Case: Petterson v. Pattberg


          Wormser, The True Conception of Unilateral Contracts


          Comment: The Unilateral Contract


          Restatement of Contracts, Second § 45



Case: Brackenbury v. Hodgkin


          Note: Doubt as to the Form of Acceptance


          Comment: The Remedy Problem in Brackenbury


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