Dawson, pp. 201-228: Exchange Through Bargain


Introductory Comment



Case: Hamer v. Sidway


          Case: Earle v. Angell (excerpt)


          Case: Whitten v. Greeley-Shaw (excerpt)


          Restatement of Contracts, Second §§ 71 and 81


          Patterson, An Apology for Consideration



Case: Fischer v. Union Trust Co.


          Comment: “Meritorious” Consideration


          Case: Simmons v. United States (excerpt)


          Comment: “Nominal” Consideration



Case: Batsakis v. Demotsis


          Note: Greece in 1942


          Comment: “Adequacy” of Consideration



Case: Duncan v. Black


          Case: Military College Co. v. Brooks (excerpt)


          Restatement of Contracts, Second § 74



Case: Martin v. Little, Brown & Co.


          Case: Collins v. Lewis (excerpt)


          Case: Seaview Ass’n of Fire Island, N.Y., Inc. v. Williams (excerpt)


          Case: Martin v. Campanaro (excerpt)


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