Dawson, pp. 601-646: Mistake and Misrepresentation


Introductory Note



Case: Jackson v. Seymour


          Comment: Fiduciary Duties



Case: Sherwood v. Walker


          Case: Aluminum Co. of America v. Essex Group (excerpt)


          Case: Beachcomber Coins, Inc. v. Boskett (excerpt)


          Note: Still More on Sherwood v. Walker


Kull, Mistake, Frustration, and the Windfall Principle of Contract Remedies


Case: Smith v. Zimbalist (excerpt)



Case: Elsinore Union Elementary School Dist. V. Kastorff


Case: S.T.S. Transport Serv., Inc. v. Volvo White Truck Corp. (excerpt)


Case: White v. Berrenda Mesa Water Dist. (exerpt)


Comment: Unilateral Mistake


The Warranty Alternative



Case: Tribe v. Peterson




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