Dawson, pp. 323-363: Mutual Assent


Introductory Note


          Llewellyn, What Price Contract?—An Essay in Perspective



Case: Embry v. Hargadine, McKittrick Dry Goods Co.


          Whittier, The Restatement of Contracts and Mutual Assent



Case: Kabil Developments v. Mignot


          Case: New York Trust Co. v. Island Oil & Transport Corp. (excerpt)


          Case: Robbins v. Lynch (excerpt)



Case: McDonald v. Mobil Coal Producing, Inc.


          Case: Kari v. General Motors Corp. (excerpt)


          Case: Pine River State Bank v. Mettille (excerpt)


          Note: Altering the Terms of At-Will Employment



Case: Moulton v. Kershaw


          Sharp, Promissory Liability



Case: Joseph Martin, Jr. Delicatessen v. Schumacher


          Restatement of Contracts, Second § 33


          Case: Southwest Eng’g Co. v. Martin Tractor Co. (excerpt)



Case: Empro Mfg. Co. v. Ball-Co Mfg., Inc.



Case: Wheeler v. White


          Case: Bentzen v. H.N. Ranch, Inc. (excerpt)



Case: Raffles v. Wichelhaus


Case: Flower City Painting Contractors v. Gumina Constr. Co. (excerpt)




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