Dawson, pp. 290-322: Promises of Limited Commitment


Introductory Comment


††††††††† Case: Davis v. General Foods Corp. (excerpt)


††††††††† Case: Nat Nal Service Stations v. Wolf (excerpt)


††††††††† Comment: Mutuality of Obligation



Case: Obering v. Swain-Roach Lumber Co.


††††††††† Case: Paul v. Rosen (excerpt)


††††††††† Restatement of Contracts, Second ß 77


††††††††† Case: Gurfein v. Werbelovsky (excerpt)



Case: Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon



Case: Omni Group, Inc. v. Seattle-First Natíl Bank


††††††††† Comment: Flexible Business Arrangments


Case: Lima Locomotive & Mach. Co. v. National Steel Castings Co. (excerpt)



Case: Feld v. Henry S. Levy & Sons, Inc.


††††††††† Case: Corenswet, Inc. v. Amana Refrigeration, Inc. (excerpt)


††††††††† Comment: The Franchised Dealer and the Law


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