Dawson, pp. 244-290: Reliance on a Promise


Case: Kirksey v. Kirksey


          Case: Ricketts v. Scothorn (excerpt)


          Case: Prescott v. Jones (excerpt)



Case: Allegheny College v. National Chautauqua County Bank


Konefsky, How to Read, or at Least Not Misread, Cardozo in the Allegheny College Case


          Case: Siegel v. Spear & Co. (excerpt)


          Case: Carr v. Maine Central R.R. (excerpt)


          Comment: Misfeasance and Nonfeasance



Case: East Providence Credit Union v. Geremia


          Case: I. & I. Holding Corp. v. Gainsburg (excerpt)


          Case: Salsbury v. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co. (excerpt)



Case: Seavey v. Drake


          Comment: Reliance and the Statute of Frauds



Case: Goodman v. Dicker


          Case: American Nat’l Bank v. A.G. Sommerville, Inc. (excerpt)


Case: D’Ulisse-Cupo v. Board of Directors of Notre Dame High School (excerpt)


          Restatement of Contracts, Second § 90


          Comment: Promissory Estoppel Damages


          Reliance on Contract Adjustments


          Case: Mahban v. MGM Grand Hotels, Inc. (excerpt)



Case: Levine v. Blumenthal


          Comment: The Legal-Duty Rule


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