Dawson, pp. 688-713: Unconscionable Inequality


Case: Woollums v. Horsley


          Case: Klienberg v. Ratett (excerpt)


          Case: Seymour v. Delancy (excerpt)


          Comment: Denial of Equitable Relief



Case: Waters v. Min Ltd.


          Shapiro, Courts, Legislatures, and Paternalism


          Case: Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co. (excerpt)


          Dawson, Unconscionable Coercion: The German Version



Case: Brower v. Gateway 2000, Inc.


          Note: Contemporary Unconscionability


          Joining Unconscionability and “Good Faith”


          Case: Tymshare, Inc. v. Covell (excerpt)


          Restatements of Contracts, Second § 205


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