Frequently Asked Questions, updated 2/4/17

1. What's your deal?

I went to the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University for a year and a half before taking a "leave of absence", which has since expired.

2. Did you flunk out?

No, I didn't leave because of grades. My grades were actually quite good, though they got worse the summer after my first year and were even worse my last semester (including a very generous C) because I stopped really caring. All my grades are now posted on the front page of the class I received them in.

3. Can I count on your notes and briefs to be complete and correct?

Not at all.  I didn't brief all the cases, and I'm sure that there are errors.  Take what I write for what it?s worth.  However, I think some of my stuff is pretty decent.  Also, if you think you can count on my website for legal advice, you are crazy.

4. Do you have any notes about [x]?

Nope, just the following classes: Contracts, Con Law, Property, Legislation, Civ Pro, Torts, Criminal Law, Business Assocations, Real Estate Finance, Civil Procedure II, and Appellate Advocacy. Don't bother even looking at the notes for the last four, except maybe Civ Pro II. I was pretty much burned out by then. But the notes for Civ Pro I are good and useful, as are those for Contracts and probably the ones for Property.

5. Aaaaaaand whatchama doin' now?

Well, after law school I did a masters program in science education for a while, but dropped out of that too. About a year later, I went to teach English in China for a year, and then came back. Then I lived in Ypsilanti, Michigan for five years, doing test preparation tutoring. Finally, in 2014, I moved back to Columbus, Ohio, and in 2015 I started working as an adult education instructor at Godman Guild. I get to use my brain to help people in great need. It's the toughest and best job I've ever had.

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