Legal Research Class Notes 8/21/03


We’re going to tour the library!


I forgot the legal research books & stuff!


Three different tours!  Sign up for one!


Legal research is a different animal!


Get to know and love your Blue Book!  For the assignments and tests, you need to know how to “Blue Book”.  Do the assignments correctly or else!


The answers to all our citation questions are in the Blue Book.


You might want to get a Nutshell!  Legal Research in a Nutshell.  It’s also available in the library.  Everything we need to know will be given out in class.  But the Nutshell gives you extra stuff.


Also, there’s The Process of Legal Research.


There will be oral quizzes.  We’ll get called on in class.  One at a time.  It’s not Socraticish.


Westlaw & Lexis training!  We’ve been assigned to a Lexis and Westlaw group.  The assignments are posted on the main floor of the library, around the corner of the computer lab between the two bathrooms.  We’ll take those classes the next door down in the computer training lab.


We’ll have five assignments.


The Structure of Legal Research


“Don’t take notes on this.”  OKAY!


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