Legal Research Class Notes 9/11/03


Only redo things that say “redo”.  If you messed something small up, and it doesn’t say redo, don’t redo it.


“Year of the Cat”


Errors on the last assignment


If a case is in a Federal Circuit Court, you need to indicate, inside the parentheses, which court it was.  You abbreviate them like 6th Cir.


If you want to cite something that appears both in the main volume and the pocket parts, include both years.


In cases, there should always be something besides the year in the parentheses.


The Westlaw Dude Speaks


You used to have to use Shepard’s to update a case.  You would look up a case and find a list of all the cases that referred to it.  Nowadays, you don’t have to do any of that thanks to the good people at Lexis and Westlaw.  Or Westlaw and Lexis.


Let’s do KeyCite!


Let’s do Shepardization!  Or not.


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