Casebook: Eskridge, Frickey, and Garrett, Cases and Materials on Legislation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy, 3rd edtion, 2001.


Chapter 1.  An Introduction to Legislation


Section 1.    The Story of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Procedures of Statute-Creation

Section 2.    Descriptive and Normative Theories of Legislation

Section 3.    Title VII: Interpretive Issues and Political Theories


Chapter 2.  Representational Structures


          Section 1.    Electoral Structures and Equality Values

          Section 2.    Eligibility To Serve in the Legislature

          Section 3.    Structures of Campaign Finance


Chapter 3.  Structures of Legislative Deliberation

Chapter 4.  Due Process of Lawmaking

Chapter 5.  Direct Democracy as an Alternative to Republican Government

Chapter 6.  Statutes as a Source of Public Policy in the United States (Theories of Legisprudence)

Chapter 7.  Theories of Statutory Interpretation

Chapter 8.  Doctrines of Statutory Interpretation

Chapter 9.  Implementation of Statutes


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