Ryan v. New York Central R.R. Co.

Court of Appeals of New York, 1866.

35 N.Y. 210, 91 Am.Dec. 49.

Prosser, pp. 290-291


Facts: The defendant negligently caused a house to catch fire and the fire spread to the plaintiffís house.The plaintiff sued.The trial court nonsuited the plaintiff.The plaintiff appealed to the appellate court, which upheld the trial verdict.The plaintiff then appealed to the Court of Appeals of New York.


Issue: Is the owner of a burning building liable to the owners of adjacent buildings?


Rule: Everyone is liable for the proximate (immediate) results of their own acts.


Analysis: The court finds that the proximate result of the defendantís negligence was the destruction of their own property and that the other damage was unexpected and remote.


Conclusion: The trial courtís verdict was upheld.


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