Mike Shecket's Notes on Prosser, Wade and Schwartz’s Torts[1]


I’m following the table of contents on this one too for now.


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I.                   Development of Liability Based Upon Fault

II.                Intentional Interference With Person or Property

1.                 Intent

2.                 Battery

3.                 Assault

4.                 False Imprisonment

5.                 Intentional Infliction of Mental Distress

6.                 Trespass to Land

7.                 Trespass to Chattels

8.                 Conversion

III.             Privileges

1.                 Consent

2.                 Self-Defense

3.                 Defense of Others

4.                 Defense of Property  (including Katko v. Briney)

5.                 Recovery of Property

6.                 Necessity (including Surocco v. Geary and Vincent v. Lake Eric Transp. Co.)

7.                 Authority of Law

8.                 Discipline

9.                 Justification

IV.            Negligence

1.                 History

2.                 Elements of Cause of Action

3.                 A Negligence Formula

4.                 The Standard of Care

5.                 Rules of Law (including Pokora v. Wasbash Ry. Co.)

6.                 Violation of Statute

7.                 Proof of Negligence

V.               Causation in Fact

1.                 Sine Qua Non (including Perkins v. Texas and New Orleans Ry. Co.)

2.                 Proof of Causation

3.                 Concurrent Causes

4.                 Problems in Determining Which Party Caused the Harm

VI.            Proximate or Legal Cause


Case: Atlantic Coast Line R. Co. v. Daniels


1.                 Unforeseeable Consequences

2.                 Intervening Causes

3.                 Public Policy

4.                 Shifting Responsibility

VII.         Joint Tortfeasors

1.                 Liability and Joinder of Defendants

2.                 Satisfaction and Release

3.                 Contribution and Indemnity

4.                 Apportionment of Damages

VIII.      Duty of Care

1.                 Privity of Contract

2.                 Failure to Act

IX.            Owners and Occupiers of Land

X.               Damages

XI.            Wrongful Death and Survival

XII.         Defenses

1.                 Plaintiff’s Conduct

(A)            Contributory Negligence

(B)            Comparative Negligence

(C)            Assumption of Risk

(1)              Express (including Winterstein v. Wilcom)

(2)              Implied

XIII.      Vicarious Liability

1.                 Respondeat Superior

2.                 Independent Contractors

3.                 Joint Enterprise

4.                 Bailments

5.                 Imputed Contributory Negligence

XIV.      Strict Liability

1.                 Animals

2.                 Abnormally Dangerous Activities

3.                 Limitations on Strict Liability


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[1] Schwartz, Victor E., Kathryn Kelly, and David F. Partlett.  Torts.  Foundation Press, 2000.