Bell v. Novick Transfer Co.

17 F.R.D. 279 (D. Md. 1955)

Yeazell, pp. 18-19


Facts: Baby Bell got in a car accident and sued the truck driver and the owner of the truck that hit him. 


Issue: Is it necessary for the plaintiff to lay out the facts and allegations in detail in his complaint?


Rule: Rule 8 only requires only “notice pleading”, which is just a brief statement that shows the plaintiff can get relief.


Analysis: The court notes that under Maryland procedural rules, the complaint would have to be more detailed, but under the Federal Rules it doesn’t have to meet the same standard.  The court points out that the defendants can get all the information they want using other procedural mechanisms like interrogatories or discovery, whatever those are.


Conclusion: The motion is overruled.


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