Yeazell, pp. 1-75: An Overview of Procedure


A.   The Idea and the Practice of Procedure

1.     Locating Procedure

2.     Procedure, Lawyers, and Clients

B.    Where Can the Suit Be Brought?

1.     Subject Matter Jurisdiction (including Gordon v. Steele)

2.     Personal Jurisdiction

3.     Venue

4.     Service of Process

C.   Stating the Case

1.     The Lawyer’s Responsibility (including Bridges v. Diesel Service, Inc.)

2.     The Complaint (including Bell v. Novick Transfer Co.)

3.     The Response – Motions and Answer

4.     Amendment of Pleadings

D.   Parties to the Lawsuit

1.     Permissive Joinder

2.     Compulsory Joinder (including Temple v. Synthes Corp.)

3.     Intervention

4.     Class Actions

E.    Factual Development – Discovery (including Butler v. Rigby)

F.    Pretrial Deposition – Summary Judgment (including Houchens v. American Home Assurance Co.)

G.   Trial (including Norton v. Snapper Power Equipment)

H.   Former Adjudication (including Rush v. City of Maple Heights)

I.       Appeals


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