Denney v. Reppert

Court of Appeals of Kentucky, 1968.

432 S.W.2d 647.

Dawson, pp. 598-599


Facts: Some guys robbed a bank.The bank put out a $500 reward for the capture of each robber.The robbers got caught, and a whole bunch of people fought over who should get the money.The robbers were apprehended by three cops.They were helped by the bank employees because they disclosed a lot of important details about the crime.There were also the Reynoldses, who also gave some information.The Bankers Association asked the court to determine who should get the reward.The people who didnít get the reward appealed.


Issue: Who is entitled to the reward?


Rule: When a reward is offered for performing some act, anyone can collect it except someone acting within the scope of their employment or official duties.


Analysis: The court finds that the bank employees were basically just doing their jobs, so they get nothing.Two of the officers donít get anything because they were also just doing their job within their own jurisdiction.But Reppert wins out because he was making an arrest that he wasnít bound to make as part of his official duties.


Conclusion: Reppert wins the money!


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