Dawson, pp. 561-501: Revisions of Contractual Duty


Introductory Note



Case: Austin Instrument, Inc. v. Loral Corp.


          Case: Smithwick v. Whitley (excerpt)


          Case: Wolf v. Marlton Corp. (excerpt)


          Note: An “Improper” Threat


          The Legal-Duty Rule Revisited



Case: Alaska Packers’ Ass’n v. Domenico


          Case: Schwartzreich v. Bauman-Basch, Inc. (excerpt)



Case: Marton Remodeling v. Jensen


          Case: School Lines, Inc. v. Barcomb Motor Sales (excerpt)


          Case: Kilander v. Blickle Co. (excerpt)


          Comment: The Executory Accord


          Legal Duty Apart from Contract



Case: Denney v. Reppert


          Case: Board of Comm’rs of Montgomery County v. Johnson (excerpt)


          Case: In re Estate of Lord v. Lord (excerpt)


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