Section 1.   The Goals of Contract Damages


Case: Hawkins v. McGee


Case: Sullivan v. O’Connor (excerpt)


Comment: Controls Over Jury Verdicts



Case: Groves v. John Wunder Co.


Case: Peevyhouse v. Garland Coal & Mining Co. (excerpt)


Comment: Cost or Value in General Contract Law



Case: Acme Mills & Elevator Co. v. Johnson


Case: Laurin v. DeCarolis Constr. Co., Inc. (excerpt)


Comment: Damages as Punishment for Contract Breach


Why Not Reliance?


Comment: Reliance Damages for Purchasers of Land


Comment: The Economics of Contract Remedies


Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Path of the Law



Case: Louise Caroline Nursing Home, Inc. v. Dix Constr. Corp.

                                                                                                       Case: Watt v. Nevada Central R.R. (excerpt)


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