Johnson, pp. 633-731: Servitudes


A.      Affirmative Rights to Use Property: Easements, Licenses, and Profits

1.        Definitions

2.        Creation

(a)     By Express Conveyance

(b)    By Implication from Pre-Existing Use or Necessity

(c)    By Prescription


Case: Plettner v. Sullivan


(a)     Irrevocable License

3.        Scope, Succession, and Protection


Case: Aztec Limited, Inc. v. Creekside Investment Company


4.        Termination of Easements

B.      Negative Rights and Affirmative Obligations: Covenants, Equitable Servitudes, Negative Easements

1.        Historical Development and Traditional Requirements


Case: Wheeler v. Schad


2.        Creation

(a)     Express Provision

(b)    By Implication


Case: Warren v. Detlefsen


(c)    By Prescription

3.        Validity, Interpretation, and Scope

(a)     Traditional Servitude Law

(i)       Horizontal Privity

(ii)     The Touch and Concern Requirement

(b)    Interpretation or Invalidation to Promote Public Policy

4.        Succession to Servitudes

(a)     The Running of Burdens

(i)       The Vertical Privity Requirement

(ii)     Notice

(b)    The Running of Benefits

C.      Termination


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