Casebook Notes


Casebook: Property Law: Cases, Materials and Problems, Johnson, Salsich, Shaffer and Braunstein, 2nd edition.


Chapter One.       Basic Property Concepts: Possession and Ownership


I.                   Who is the Owner?

II.                What Does it Mean to Be the Owner?

III.             Can “It” Be Owned?


Chapter Two.      Common Law Estates


I.                   Introduction

II.                Fee Simple Absolute and Life Estate

III.             Remainders and Reversions

IV.            The Defeasible Fees

V.               Executory Interests

VI.            Rules Furthering Marketability


Chapter Three.    Concurrent Ownership


Introduction: Property in Families


I.                   Forms of Concurrent Ownership

II.                Property Claims in Marriage


Chapter Four.     The Landlord-Tenant Relationship


I.                   Nonadversarial Dispute Resolution

II.                The Landlord-Tenant Concept

III.             Creation of the Relationship

IV.            Selection of Tenants

V.               Regulated Relationship

VI.            Special Procedural Rules

VII.         A Second Look at Dispute Resolution


Chapter Five.      Real Estate Transactions

Chapter Six.        The Law of Neighbors: Servitudes and Nuisances


I.                   Servitudes

II.                Neighborhood Governance

III.             Nuisance

IV.            Surface Water and Support


Chapter Seven.    Public Regulation of Land Use


I.                   The “Takings” Question

II.                Zoning—The Most Popular Form of Public Land Use Regulation


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