Johnson, pp. 802-868: “The ‘Takings’ Question”


A.   Public Purpose


Case: Hawaii Housing Authority et al. v. Midkiff et al.


Case: Poletown Neighborhood Council v. City of Detroit


A.   Has Property Been Taken?


Case: Loretto v. Teleprompter Manhattan CATV Corp. et al.


Handout Case: The State ex rel. Preschool Development, Ltd. v. City of Springboro


Case: Pennsylvania Coal Company v. Mahon


Case: Penn Central Transportation Company v. City of New York


Case: Nollan v. California Coastal Comission


Case: Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council


Handout Case: The State ex rel. R.T.G., Inc. et al. v. The State of Ohio


Salsich, Keystone Bituminous Coal, First English and Nollan: A Framework for Accommodation?


B.    Just Compensation


Case: Almota Farmers Elevator & Warehouse Co. v. United States


Case: United States v. 50 Acres of Land et al.


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