1/7/04 – Overview of the course, the many roles of Braunstein, the many roles of us, six goals for the course


1/8/04 – Just compensation, public use or purpose, two kinds of takings, Hawaii Housing Authority et al. v. Midkiff et al., Poletown Neighborhood Council v. City of Detroit


1/9/04 – Loretto v. Teleprompter Manhattan CATV Corp. et al., the Loretto dissent, two kinds of “takings” analysis



1/13/04 – The State ex rel. Preschool Development, Ltd. v. City of Springboro, Pennsylvania Coal Company v. Mahon


1/14/04 – Finishing Pennsylvania Coal, the denominator problem, Penn Central Transportation v. City of New York, the constitutionality of the statute, the dissent in Penn Central


1/15/04 – Nollan v. California Coastal Commission, the nexus requirement, Dolan v. City of Tigard, Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council


1/16/04 – Back to Lucas, The State ex rel. R.T.G., Inc. et al. v. The State of Ohio et al., the denominator in the vertical plane, the denominator in the horizontal plane, wrapping up RTG



1/20/04 – Just compensation, fair market value, other compensation, factors which are excluded, Almota Farmers Elevator & Warehouse Co. v. United States, the “two-take” theory, United States v. 50 Acres of Land et al., what we’ve been talking about so far


1/21/04 – The law of capture, possession, externalities, external cost, external benefit, the Coase theorem, the tragedy of the commons


1/22/04 – Pierson v. Post, Texas American Energy Corporation v. Citizens Fidelity Bank & Trust Company


1/23/04 – A little more about Texas American, the Ahab problem, p. 21, finders – Armory v. Delamirie, bailments



1/27/04 – The problem on bailments, finders – the holding of Armory, Hannah v. Peel


1/28/04 – More on South Staffordshire and its application to Hannah, constructive possession


1/29/04 – Adverse possession, the elements of adverse possession, Teson v. Vasquez


1/30/04 – Color of title, more on Teson



2/3/04 – Problems on Teson, Charlton v. Crocker


2/4/04 – More on Charlton, claim of right, estates and future interests, terminology, estates


2/5/04 – Fee simple absolute, creation of the fee simple absolute, fee tail, life estate, creation of the life estate


2/6/04 – Adverse possession and estates, the defeasible fees, fee simple determinable, fee simple subject to a condition subsequent, reversionary interests



2/10/04 – Practice problems on 111, Black v. Black


2/11/04 – More on Black, the trust, creation of the trust


2/12/04 – Pigg v. Haley, Woodrick v. Wood


2/13/04 – Reversions, remainders, contingent remainders, vested remainders, practice problems



2/17/04 – More about the practice problems, more on the fee tail


2/18/04 – The fee tail in Ohio, problems on p. 135, the defeasible fees, creation of the defeasible fees, Mayor and City Council of Ocean City v. Taber


2/19/04 – More on Ocean City, Higbee Corporation v. Kennedy, Executor, more on the future interests of the defeasible fees, review problems


2/20/04 – More of the review problems



2/24/04 – Executory interests, the Statute of Uses, practice problems


2/25/04 – More practice problems, rules furthering marketability, destructibility


2/26/04 – More on destructibility of contingent remainders, the Rule in Shelley’s Case, Seymour v. Heubaum



3/2/04 – Problems on the Rule in Shelley’s Case, Doctrine of Worthier Title, the Rule Against Perpetuities, problems on the Rule Against Perpetuities


3/3/04 – More problems on the Rule Against Perpetuities


3/4/04 – More Rule Against Perpetuities problems, North Carolina National Bank v. Norris


3/5/04 – The doctrine of severability, the precocious toddler, Practice problems on the Rule Against Perpetuities



3/9/04 – More practice problems on the rules furthering marketability, judicial reform


3/10/04 – Statutory reform of the Rule Against Perpetuities, options and rights of first refusal, the Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities, the Illinois statute, practice problems revisited using Illinois and Ohio statutes, final review problems


3/11/04 – Final review problems continued


3/12/04 – More final review problems



3/30/04 – Concurrent ownership, Chosar Corporation v. Owens, the horse farm problem


3/31/04 – Secret severance, Harms v. Sprague, In re Estate of Thompson, Williams v. Studstill, the Michigan bar problem


4/1/04 – Tenancy by the entirety, Schwab v. Krauss, another Michigan bar exam problem, the landlord-tenant relationship – non-freehold estates


4/2/04 – Statutory tenancy, a periodic tenancy problem, Walls v. Giuliani, the lease



4/6/04 – Adrian v. Rabinowitz, Slater v. Pearle Vision Center, Inc., assignment and subleases, Davis v. Vidal, some problems


4/7/04 – Another problem, yet another problem, Julian v. Christopher, servitudes


4/8/04 – License, easement, creation of easements, Willard v. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pacifica, Cordwell v. Smith


4/9/04 – More on Cordwell, easement by necessity, easements by prescription, Plettner v. Sullivan, irrevocable licenses – Camp v. Milam



4/12/04 – Aztec Limited, Inc. v. Creekside Investment Company, Tract Development Service, Inc. v. Kepler


4/13/04 – Real covenants and equitable servitudes, the requirements for real covenants, Wheeler v. Schad, creation of real covenants, Warren v. Detlefsen


4/14/04 – Implied covenants and the statute of frauds, implied reciprocal negative easements, the ancient lights problem


4/15/04 – Moseley v. Bishop, problems on horizontal privity, touch and concern, policy restrictions on servitudes


4/16/04 – Blevins v. Barry-Lawrence County Association for Retarded Citizens, equitable servitudes versus real covenants, Bishop v. Rueff, termination of servitudes



4/20/04 – El Di, Inc. v. Town of Bethany Beach, private nuisance


4/22/04 – More on nuisance, Blanks v. Rawson, Carpenter v. Double R Cattle Company, Inc.


4/23/04 – More on Carpenter v. Double R Cattle Company, Inc., coming to the nuisance, water, Westland Skating Center, Inc. v. Gus Machado Buick, Inc.


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